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Australian Vinegar, established in 2005 under the “Lirah” brand,was established to meet the industry need for a dedicated quality vinegar solutions provider.

Initially servicing export markets , Australian Vinegar has today evolved into Australia’s premier vinegar supplier. Our sole focus is vinegar and we  strive to be Australia’s best producer in terms of quality,innovation and service.

We take pride in delivering sharp, innovative solutions for the food industry and offer a range of bulk products for small and large food manufacturers plus custom vinegars for specific food applications. In addition we manufacture and bottle Private Label Vinegar and can also provide bulk Vinegar for re-bottling.

If you need vinegar, we have the solution.

Australian Vinegar is the “Clean Labelling” Vinegar expert. We can manufacture vinegar that is free from all allergens, sulphites, artificial additives and contain no “E” numbers.

Australian Vinegar is HACCP certified for the production of vinegar.

Meet Our Maker - Ian Henderson

Our CEO and Principal Vinegar maker Ian Henderson, started in vinegar making careeer in 2003.Starting with a vinegar 'mother' from his wife's family of third generation winemakers, and after much trial and error Ian proudly launched his first commercial product under the Lirah brand-Oak Aged Shiraz vinegar.Today this inaugural product continues to be enjoyed by both professional chefs and home cooks.

In 2006 Ian was awarded the prestigious “Sir Winston Churchill” Fellowship.This enabled him to spend six weeks studying the art of vinegar making with leading European manufacturers,many of whom have been producing premium vinegar for generations.

Today Ian is highly regarded for his vinegar expertise and innovation,and is the recipient of many awards for his leading Lirah vinegar range.

Ian's passion for quality vinegar continues to take him on an exciting adventure of manufacturing, selling and marketing his vinegars all over the world.

The launch of Australian Vinegar in 2013 is the next step in Ian's journey to not only provide premium quality vinegars but to educate both the food industry and the public about the versatility of vinegar.